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Invictus Partners: Cross-industry expertise and technologies

Establishing Invictus Partners, our vision was always to provide real guidance and assistance. Software licences are an often misunderstood or dismissed element of an organisation’s technology footprint – we’re here to provide value through these agreements and functions.

Our team of software licence experts have helped over 240 organisations across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, and North America. We’ve helped businesses of different sizes and industry sectors, each with their unique requirements and goals.

The need to operate more efficiently and intelligently is universal, all organisations need to understand its mission and what it takes to reach its purpose while sustaining growth. And before any business undertake digital transformation or significant structural shifts, it’s critical to step back, assess how these changes align with the overarching business strategy.

Technology solutions should be a means for supporting staff and processes, helping an organisation run better so resources can be directed towards further value-adding tasks. Since ERP integrates different departments, data sources, and processes into an intelligent platform, businesses can automate functions, extract vital business data, and operate with the insights needed to grow intelligently.

As we see the increasing reach and capabilities of intelligent technologies, particularly in larger enterprises, intelligent technology solutions and digital transformation becomes more accessible and affordable for smaller organisations. We’re here to assist businesses with their critical first step towards digitalisation.

Before unlocking next-generation capabilities, it’s important understanding what current functions and features a business is using – which ones can be optimised, automated, integrated, or eliminated. Our purpose is to extract maximum value from your software estate so further upgrades and changes are more seamlessly integrated and easily understood.

Our software licence experts have the knowledge and experience to deliver the best business outcome for our clients. Unlike vendors, we’re not driven by sales. Our aim is to provide businesses with value – however they determine that metric. Whether it’s to optimise usage, provide oversight, or suggest steps forward, our licence assessment and optimisation services help organisations assess its ways of working, guiding them towards sustainable growth.

As technology solutions become increasingly complex and sophisticated, businesses become more vulnerable to compliancy risks and misuse according to licensing agreements. Our broad and in-depth knowledge of software vendor licensing, proven methodology, and strategies all strengthen your position, mitigating your compliance and technology risks. It’s about not only ensuring you remain compliant but simplifying your licensing real estate to future proof your business.

By effectively and efficiently managing your software footprint, including through software vendor audits, businesses save time, resources, and money that can be directed towards more critical functions within the organisation. We provide quality advice backed by our history and experience in offering vital insights to drive business value from their technology investments.

Our licence management services deliver better business outcomes across four key areas: software licence review and health check; software asset management and licence optimisation; licence audit defence; and cloud readiness.

We help our clients manage their licence footprint, reduce maintenance costs, and deal efficiently and effectively with audit demands. To learn more about how our services can help your business secure the best value from your software investment while delivering on business goals and objectives, download our free industry whitepaper.

Download our free industry white paper.