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Is your business getting the most out of current and potential technology solutions?

Our organisation, Invictus Partners has been operating six year now, but we never really considered producing digital content in a real way until we realised how few people understand our industry sector or the value it provides businesses. Consequently, we’ve put together an industry whitepaper outlining what we do, how it helps organisations operate more efficiently, and why software licence optimisation is often ignored in favour for digitalisation plans.

Licence optimisation sets the foundation for digital transformation, providing the critical first step in streamlining technologies, processes, and systems in preparation for digitalisation. A common misconception I hear when speaking with clients is that digital transformation must be done as a massive project that envelops the entire organisations and takes months or years to implement. However, this process – much like licence optimisation – is an ongoing process that evolves and changes with business needs.

Furthermore, digitalisation can be done modularly and incrementally, allowing different systems and departments to transform over time to ensure staff understanding while maintaining business continuity. Licence optimisation not only helps digitalisation run more seamlessly but offers businesses immediate benefits and improvements before committing to a potentially costly and lengthy digital transformation.

By performing licence optimisation, businesses get a complete picture of their software licence real estate, understanding what they’re paying for, how it’s being used, and if there are any service gaps across their footprint. It’s about using all the business is paying for while ensuring it pays for all it uses. This ensures everything’s cost effective, operationally efficient, and always compliant.

Another critical reason a business should optimise its licences prior to digitalisation is because the newfound visibility it provides translates to negotiating power when speaking with vendors and system implementors. Equipped with a holistic view of licence footprint and clear business goals, an organisation knows what it has, what it needs, and how the new and old systems will integrate into a more intelligent and connected enterprise.

During this time of challenges and uncertainties brought on by COVID-19, businesses are seeking ways to connect with staff and customers in a way that is safe, convenient, and operationally viable. The current crisis we all face has demonstrated the need for organisations – both public and private – to be more responsive and communicative. Whether it’s the adaptation to remote work, opening avenues for e-commerce, or using intelligent technologies to automate processes, we’re aiming to remain safe, helpful, and productive during this difficult period.

Licence optimisation and audit health-checks ensures businesses’ technology uses are aligned with overarching strategic goals. Before a business can even consider getting the most out of its people, processes, or resources, it must first have a clear direction and mission that can be supported by those technologies and systems.

The increasing complexity of technology applications and software is compounded by the deliberately confusing nature of the licences that determine their usage. This is why we’re here – to help businesses unlock the true value of their current licences and set a clear picture of what’s needed to help the business grow, improve, and thrive.

Business visibility and transparency offers insights that allow companies to be more flexible and agile, which are vital attributes during times of uncertainty and rapid change. As the business technology landscape continues evolving and diversifying, organisations must be able to extract value from its current and potential licences. With licence optimisation, businesses gain clarity and guidance on how to operate more efficiently, intelligently, and resiliently.

Our mission at Invictus Partners is to help people optimise their software licence models in order to embrace digitalisation and begin their digital transformation journey. To learn more about how licence optimisation helps businesses get the most value from their technologies, processes, and contracts, download our free industry whitepaper.