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Get back on top.

Has your relationship with your software vendor gone from the honeymoon phase to a one-sided transactional arrangement?

Do you suspect that you might be on the receiving end of a bad deal?  Take our vendor relationship quiz to find out!

Our philosophy is that life’s too short for unsatisfying encounters. What’s more, they can be costly. Of course, the software vendors won’t tell you if you’re paying them too much, but Invictus Partners will. We don’t like to see anyone get screwed.

With mind-blowingly good software licence management, you don’t need to stay pinned down. We make it our mission to get our clients in the optimal position for managing their enterprise software licensing.

Find out exactly how screwed you are.

Take our vendor relationship quiz.

The quiz will:

  • Take no more than 5 minutes

  • Tell you where you sit on the "screwed scale"

  • Generate a customised report with tips on how your organisation can stay on top of your enterprise software licensing and compliance.