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Pressure (someone) into adopting different beliefs by using systematic or forcible means; leading them to believe something by continually telling them it’s true and preventing them from thinking about it properly.

Could this be happening to you?

Don’t let the big software guys brainwash you into thinking there is no choice but to go down the path they are leading you.

Invictus Partners challenges the brand machines geared to dominate your enterprise software decisions and empowers you with more choice and freedom. We help you know what you don’t know and tell you what the software vendors may not. We give you the power to enter vendor discussions with knowledge and confidence and help you choose the path for optimal business, cost and compliance outcomes.

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After 30 minutes speaking with Invictus Partners' Partner, Russell Sands, you’ll have a clear understanding of the areas in which you can potentially consolidate, optimise and/or save on your SAP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft licences.

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